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Temperature Probes

BBCNZ has developed a unique range of temperature measurement probes for sanitary applications in dairy, food and processing industries. The unique BBCNZ "ADLOC" probe is installed in most major dairy installations in New Zealand and provides substantial reliability and low maintenance costs utilising hinged cover and RTD temperature element inserts.

  • Stainless steel 316 material
  • Hinged cover provides 360deg access to terminal wiring
  • Housing orientation able to be rotated to suit gland location
  • Permits sensor replacement without probe removal and process disruption

BRISTOL compact sanitary probe

The BBCNZ Compact sanitary probe has been developed to provide a lightweight, low-cost solution for measurement applications for dairy and food processing industry clients.

Available in the complete range of process fitting attachments and configured in either standard response, using BBCNZ quick-change insert type and fast response

  • Tri-clover
  • Running nut
  • RJT
  • Threaded socket

Digital Temperature Indicator TI-004

A high quality, low-cost battery operated industrial instrument utilising 2 x AA alkaline cells enabling continuous operation for 2 years suitable for process, manufacturing, dairy and food applications.

The micro-based unit incorporates large (17.8mm high) digit LCD display. Mounted in 316 stainless steel 100mm (4") case, acrylic faceplate, with IP67 Ingress Protection, for sanitary applications.

Fitted with 3-wire PT100 or thermocouple sensor element for -50oC to +200oC temperature range. Configuration adjustable for oC and oF display.

Available in complete range of process fitting attachments and entry configurations for all applications







Hi-Visibility Temperature Display

BBCNZ's Hi-Visibility Displays are tailor-designed to customer requirements and provide a high quality, high visibility temperature display utilising super-bright LEDs. The display can indicate single or multiple process or ambient temperatures for your promotional or technical purposes.

Display may also be configured for other measurement parameters, e.g. time, pressure, humidity, etc.

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