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Process Controllers

TOHO Digital Process Controllers and Indicators combine innovation, quality and high performance for economical measurement and control applications. TOHO is represented exclusively in Australia and New Zealand by BBCNZ and we are able to offer the full TOHO range coupled with reliable and competent technical support for your application


TOHO TRM-006 Digital Indicator


TOHO TRM-006 Digital Indicator is an 1/8 DIN indicator which has many advanced features, including Peak Hold/Bottom Hold functions and a digital PV filter This versatile indicator accepts many kinds of input, including eight types of thermocouple and two types of RTD and DC current/voltage. The four-digit, 15mm high character LED display is clearly readable both from a distance and in bright light. Options include RS-485 communications, two alarm relays, buzzer, transfer outputs, 24 AC/DC power supply, and a 5V or 12V DC sensor power supply.


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TOHO TTM-1020 Series Controller


The TOHO TTM-1020 Series Controller is perfect for any application that requires you to control two processes from one controller. A Dual Channel Digital Controller, it can also be used as Temperature and Humidity Controller, Cascade Controller, Remote Input Controller, or Positioning Proportional Controller. It is compact and incredibly versatile which allows for a variety of functions. Options include RS-485 communications, several event outputs, and a variety of analog retransmission outputs. An optional 24V AC/DC power supply is also available.

The two-channel control setting allows independent control of two-channels for both input and output; Temperature and Humidity Control uses wet and dry bulb sensing by RTD input. With Cascade Control, two inputs and one output are utilized, while Heating and Cooling Control uses one input and two outputs. Positioning Proportional Control provides input by feedback resistance, and Remote Control by remote SV input. On the 1/4DIN controller, process value and setpoint are displayed for both channels at the same time.

It accepts thermocouple, RTD, and DC current/voltage inputs. Control output options include relay, SSR drive voltage, 1-5V, 0-10V, and 4-20mA. Event outputs are configurable as high, low, absolute, or deviation alarm outputs. The parameter mask function protects the parameters from being changed by the operator. And six modes of key lock are possible.

With the option for RS-485 communications, you can network up to 31 stations, with multi-drop two-line or three-line system. These features combine to make the TOHO TTM-1020 Series the most advanced series of dual-channel digital controllers available today.

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TTM-000 Series Digital Controllers

  • TTM-002/004/005/006/007/009
  • *Upgraded Digital Temperature Controller with Various Functions
  • *Easy-to-Use & Multiple Inputs
  • *Self-Tuning
  • *PID Blind Function
  • *Simplified Timer
  • *Priority Display
  • *Multiple Inputs
  • *Standardization of Conformity
  • *Compact Size
  • *Manual control (Balanceless&Bumpless)
  • *Communication Function (RS-485)
  • *Digital PV Filter
  • *PID Over-Shoot protection
  • *Digital Input Function
  • *Heating/Cooling Control
  • *CT Input
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TTX-700 Series Digital controller

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TOHO TTM-300 Series

The TOHO TTM 300 Series digital fuzzy logic controllers combine innovation with ease of use, for a wide variety of applications. Fuzzy logic is known for reducing overshoot and undershoot, and shortening preparation time. The advanced autotuning function determines the best PID values after evaluating the process at three different points over the range. Additionally, these programmable controllers have a flexible ramp/soak feature which allows for programming various combinations of patterns and steps up to a maximum combined product of 64. This feature also incorporates a wait zone for both temperature and time between successive steps; the next step will not begin until the process value has completed the wait zone. To further ensure that your process will run smoothly, the TTM 300 Series has reset or continuous start features, which will recover from the last state in the event of power disruption. Remote start for ramp/soak programming is also available.Output options include relay, voltage pulse, 1 to 5V DC, 0 to 10V DC, and 4 to 20mA DC. In addition, the TTM 300 Series has two programmable event outputs. The standard power supply voltage is 85 to 264V AC; 24V AC/DC is available as an option. Also, an option is RS-485 communications, with which up to 31 stations can be monitored from a PC.The easy-to-read 4-digit red and green dual displays are independent of each other, which makes it possible to check the process at a glance. These controllers are available in 1/16 DIN (TTM-304) and 1/4 DIN (TTM-309) sizes.

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TRM10C Mini Recorder

  • Compact size
  • 144 (W) x 144 (H) x 150 (D) mm
  • 1.5 kg (6 point recorder) lightest weight recorder on industrial level
  • Universal input and range
  • RS-232C communication function provided for in standard specifications
  • Conforms to IP65 Waterproof and Dustproof
  • UL, CSA & CE Approvals

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