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Case Studies

Bristol Babcock Controls measurement and control system and product solutions are being utilized by a wide range of prominent businesses in the Food, Dairy, Manufacturing, Energy and Production sectors in New Zealand, Australia and Pacific locations.

Our Clients include:

  • Fonterra Group

  • Dominion Breweries


  • Queensland Electricity(AUSTA)

  • Nestle NZ

  • BlueScope Steel Ltd

  • Dominion Breweries

  • Envirowaste

  • Independent Liquour

  • Fitzroy Engineering

  • Carter Holt Harvey

  • International Flavours & Fragrance

  • The Laminex Group

  • NZ Mouldings

•Design, development and installation of brewhouse brewing process and fermentation tank farm Instrumentation and Control System for Auckland brewing facility.

Scope included Distributed Control System (DCS) software and hardware, process instrumentation components such as pressure, temperature and flow primary elements. Ancilliary scopes included Gas Detection and Alarm system for the Tank Farm and Design, Supply, Install control system of wastewater treatment plant

Design, supply, install process control system for brewing facility re-located from Auckland (NZ) to new Australian location.


•Bristol Babcock Controls carries out routine instrumentation and process control equipment calibration and servicing, together with environmental discharge monitoring for licensing regulations.


Bristol Babcock Controls designed and built a controlled heating sanitary food processing unit for a food processing facility located in Auckland. The unit was designed to control the bulk temperature of food mixture in the manufacture process enabling product to be handled at a desired temperature (viscosity).


•Bristol Babcock Controls NZ designed, supplied and installed the Distributed Control System (DCS) for a timber-board Mill gas/waste fired power plant. The power plant provides process steam to the manufacturing facility and the DCS equipment installed comprised OEM Bristol Babcock Inc software and hardware.
•Airbase Fuelling Facility Refurbishment Project scope included Jetfuel pumping, flow, level and control systems for refurbished installation capable of simultaneous fast refuelling of military and civil aviation aircraft. In addition to system design, supply included flow rate control, pressure control elements, switching components and system safety requirements.
•Bristol Babcock Controls NZ designed, supplied, installed a Distributed Control System (DCS) for boiler control to a leading NZ timber mouldings manufacturer. The boiler provides hot process water to kiln driers and for timber processing. The DCS installation is mirrored at BBCNZ Auckland offices to provide real-time backup support and security for the operator's process operations.

•Bristol Babcock Controls NZ in conjunction with Bristol Babcock Controls Australia carried out the refurbishment and automation of Swanbank B Power Station for the Queenland Electricity Commission (AUSTA). The four Unit 500MW station underwent a Life Extension refurbishment after 25 years of operation in mid-1990s, involving an automated plant control system and upgraded instrumentation. The Bristol Babcock Inc. control system was developed and installed with intimate participation of plant operational personnel to incorporate preferred design aspects and achieve an integrated system. Maintenance personnel also incorporated preferred practices and techniques to achieve an optimum solution of equipment and operational techniques.


•BBCNZ designed, supplied, installed the Distributed Control System (DCS) to manage the steam boiler operation at a New Zealand North Island abattoir facility. The boiler provides process steam to the facility and the equipment comprised Bristol Babcock Inc original equipment.

•Bristol Babcock Controls NZ has an on-going role as a supplier of a range of instrumentation equipment and systems enhancement.

•Bristol Babcock Controls NZ has developed unique sanitary temperature measurement probe devices for most of New Zealand's dairy companies. Our products and system solutions are in use in dairy factories across New Zealand.

BBCNZ undertakes routine calibration, certification and servicing of control and instrumentation equipment for a leading Australasian timber products manufacturer. BBCNZ's on-going role includes project implementation of process upgrades in addition to primary device supply and installation.

•BBCNZ carries out regular refurbishment and commissioning of gas flow monitoring and metering equipment for NZ energy suppliers and industry users.

•Bristol Babcock Controls NZ developed a portable Hot Bonder Control Unit for the controlled heating and curing of composite material utilized in aircraft maintenance and repair. The unit utilized heating elements and thermocouple temperature sensing devices for controlled staged heating of composite material and event logging of the process. The unit operation was built around a laptopPC based SCADA system providing 30 pre-programmed, operator-defined cycles and a user-variable cycle for experimental and testing purposes. The unit was developed specifically for the purpose by BBCNZ technicians.

•Bristol Babcock Controls NZ has developed a 1-Wire SCADA based Environment Control System for use in agricultural and horticultural greenhouse applications. The unit is a PC based, low cost system encompassing temperature, humidity, ph and similar horticultural environment parameters, coupled with a 1-Wire weather station for local condition monitoring. The unit provides the ability to control irrigation, light and ambient environment parameters via relay-controlled pumps, motors and ventilation equipment