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System Monitoring

Bristol Babcock Controls NZ solutions for System Monitoring, Data Acquisition and Event Monitoring SCADA applications are able to be tailored for a wide range of Industrial, Process and Marine systems. System design, function and display is aimed to provide our customer with a low cost, user-friendly, with a prime focus to meet customer operational requirements. Our standard solutions are based upon "nil run-time fee" and incorporating flexibility for easy system modification for process or equipment revision or customer preferences.

Waste Treatment Plant Control System

BBCNZ in-house design capabilities enable systems to be provided for Windows, Linux or dedicated-design operating systems to satisfy hardware and software configurations. In addition, the ability to accomodate various types of data device drivers, including Canbus coupled with sensor technology experience and involvement in day-today industry activities enhances our ability to deliver a practical and economical solution.

Vessel Event Monitoring System

Process Monitoring and Control

Food Storage Automated Temperature Monitoring/Logging


Boiler Control System

Plant Control System

Boiler Control System

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