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From simple Manometer-tube local level indication to Capacitative and Conductive Level Probes, Ultrasonic Probes and Radar Level Detectors for remote indication and control, Bristol Babcock Controls provides custom design-built instrumentation and off-the-shelf Level Indication and Control devices for most industrial, sanitary and commercial process applications.

The capacitance probe provides a simple economical level measurement for remote and local indication.
For electrically non-conductive materials the capacitor is made by the sensor electrode and the vessel wall and the material or air is the dielectric.
For electrically conductive materials the dielectric is provided by the insulation of the electrode.

Capacitive level probes, constructed of stainless steel and teflon are ideally suited for sanitary applications and simple attachments enable easy installation for any application, either liquid or bulk solid products e.g. grain, powder.



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