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Solutions for flow measurement and control applications designed and installed by Bristol Babcock Controls NZ for customers in New Zealand and Australia have incorporated a cross-section of flowmeter types and models including, small turbine flowmeters, high accuracy sanitary turbine flowmeters and thermal mass flowmeters.Our solutions have been incorporated within the following industries.

Flowmeter selection is a key criteria in the selection of the most suitable device for accurate and reliable operation for the particular process application. We are able to design and specify the most suitable flowmeter for our customers' process.

In New Zealand, BBCNZ represents Eldridge Products, Inc. (EPI) a leading US manufacturer of a wide variety of thermal gas mass flow meters and switches for measurement and control. Built with over eighteen years experience in thermal mass flow metering design and production, EPI thermal flow meters and flow switches have earned a reputation for superior quality, dependability, ease of use, and durability in real world applications. EPI Master-Touch™ Family of thermal mass flow meters continues and greatly expands upon this legacy by adding a powerful microprocessor to proven thermal technology for an unparalleled degree of flexibility, accuracy, and control.EPI’s proprietary thermal mass flow sensors use two ratiometrically-matched, reference-grade platinum Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs). The platinum sensing element wire is wound on a ceramic base, given a thin protective glass coating, and encapsulated in a 316 stainless steel sheath. As a result, the only materials exposed to the gas stream are 316 SS.



For applications such as food manufacture, process liquid measurement, turbine flowmeters provide an accurate and reliable instrument for flowrate metering.

Manufactured in a range of materials for a variety of industry applications are available and equipped for readout devices for flow rate indication, flow total, flow control, batch control and computer interface.