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Process Instrumentation Calibration

Bristol Babcock Controls NZ offers factory and on-site calibration services for instrumentation and sensors.


Our test calibration facilities include a range of test equipment, instruments and procedures for a wide variety of process instruments including

  • pressure
  • temperature
  • • flow
  • oxygen probes gas
  • • analysis
  • ph conductivity
  • clarity monitors

Our on-site calibration service enables customers to conform to their QA requirements and allow calibration to be undertaken at times suitable to meet process operational schedules and enable adjustment of ancillary process equipment to enhance process efficiency.

All test equipment and procedures conform to BBCNZ’s own Q-BASE certified Quality Assurance program providing traceable calibration certification.

Bristol Babcock Controls NZ currently provides routine calibration services of control & instrumentation equipment to major New Zealand companies engaged in the food processing, dairy industry, manufacturing and timber sectors. Our service and calibration technicians’ experience and capabilities extend across a wide range of third party vendor equipment in addition to Bristol Babcock Controls own equipment and systems.

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